2014 Football

The Longest Records

Running Play from Scrimmage: 99 yards by Danya Overton vs. Tiffin (1998) (TD)
Passing Play from Scrimmage: 95 yards, Keith Wynn to Brian Lavan vs. Urbana (1993) (TD)
Kickoff Return: 100 yards by Chris St. John vs. Cumberland (Tenn.) (1999) (TD) and by Tommy Oates vs. Georgetown (1991) (TD)
Punt Return: 91 yards by Mike Jones vs. Hanover (1987) (TD)
Field Goal: 49 yards by Jacob Appleby vs. UVa-Wise (11-1-08)
Punt: 74 yards by Brendon Miller vs. Georgetown (1991)
Interception Return: 100 yards by John Fey vs. Bethel (1995) (TD)
Fumble Return: 85 yards by Marekus Smith vs. Shorter (9-29-07) (TD)