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Burch/Nau Field, Robsion Arena, Jerry W. Carey Stadium at Colonel Harland Sanders Field,
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Burch/Nau Field

Burch/Nau Field at Union Stadium has been the home of Union College football since the program was reinstated as a school-sponsored sport in 1984.

The facility has remained relatively the same over the years, but that all changed during the summer of 2007 when synthetic sports grass was installed. Since 2007, Burch/Nau Field has also been home to the Union soccer programs.

Plagued by rainy football seasons the past few years, Burch/Nau Field's natural grasss surface had continually taken a beaten, and the cost of repairing the turf yearly began to mount. But with the Union College Board of Trustees' approval, Union took on the nearly $1 million project. ... For more information, click here (football), here (men's soccer) or here (women's soccer).

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Robsion Arena

Constructed in 1963, the John M. Robsion Jr. Memorial Arena has served as the home court for the Bulldog basketball program since the 1964-65 season, the Lady Bulldog basketball team since the 1978-79 season and the Lady Bulldog volleyball team since 1992. The arena's seating capacity is 1,800, and the gymnasium has recently undergone some renovation. During the past year, the lobby and gym areas have been total repainted and the floor was redone. New scoreboards and lighting system were installed for the 2003-04 season as well as a new roof and gutters. Also, all of the locker room areas received vast improvements.

For information, click here (men's basketball), here (women's basketball) and/or here (volleyball).

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Jerry W. Carey Stadium at Colonel Harland Sanders Field

The beautiful Jerry W. Carey Baseball Stadium at Colonel Sanders Field is the home of the Union College baseball team. The field was named in honor of Colonel Harland Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Sanders Field sits in the heart of the Union College campus and boasts of having one of the finest playing surfaces in the state. Dedicated on April 3, 2004, the stadium was named in honor of alum, trustee and long-time friend Jerry W. Carey.

The infield and outfield is Bermuda grass with an automated sprinkler system that covers the entire playing surface. The infield is composed of red clay and conditioner that allows the field to drain well along with providing a smooth fielding surface. ... Read More.

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Stivers Aquatic and Wellness Center

The Robert Stivers II Aquatic and Wellness Center opened in January 2012, and is the home of the Union College men's and women's swimming programs.

The facility features a Olympic sized swimming pool, as well as two three-meter diving boards, and two one-meter diving boards. The pool can hold up to a 10-lane configuration for long course races, and up to 22-lanes for short course competition. The facility also has a seating capacity of 250, with capacity of 650 with additional deck seating. ... Read More.

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Union Field

Union Field, home to the Lady Bulldog softball team, is nestled on the north edge of the Union College campus. With the Appalachian Mountains positioned as the backdrop behind the outfield wall, Union Field has been the home site for the Lady Bulldogs since it first opened prior to the 1999 season.The outfield fence measures 210 feet away from home plate all away around and is eight feet tall. ... Read More.  

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Robsion Arena Aquatic Center

Constructed in 1963, the John M. Robsion Jr. Memorial Arena has served as the home for the Bulldog and Lady Bulldog swimming programs since the 1964-65 season. Located in the rear of the building, the 25-yard pool area seating capacity is 300. The pool has five swimming lanes with five starting blocks and holds 155,000 gallons of water. The pool depths goes from four feet at the starting blocks to five feet and then six foot at the middle of the pool before dipping down to 12 feet deep.

In addition, the pool area has locker rooms for both the men's and women's teams and public restrooms. ... Read More.

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Bulldog Field

Bulldog Field was the home of the Union College men's soccer team and has been since the 1992 season and the Lady Bulldog soccer team since 1993. It measures 120 yards by 75 yards. There is netting 30 feet in the air behind each goal, and there is a regulation scoreboard in the north end zone.

The Union soccer teams have played the majority of their home matches at Burch/Nau Field since 2007. However, the Bulldogs and Lady Bulldogs still play an occassional contest at Bulldog Field. For more information, click here (men's soccer) and/or here (women's soccer).

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Sports Medicine Complex

The Union College Sports Medicine staff has two training rooms at its deposal with the one in the Athletic Complex at the Lakeside Center serving as the staff's main office of operation. The other training room is located in Robsion Arena so that the staff can better serve and meet the needs of the Union College basketball and volleyball teams.

At Lakeside, the training room center has several amenities and state-of-the-art equipment readily available to meet the staff's and student-athletes' needs. ... Read More.

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Soldiers and Sailors Wellness Center

Union College student-athletes have a new state-of-the-art wellness center to help train in and out of season. The renovation of the lower level of Soldiers and Sailors Center was completed in the spring of 2008 and features two areas, a weight-room and cardio area.

The revamped weight-room facility is open to all Union students as well as faculity and staff during designated times. ... Read More.

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Tennis Courts
For decades, Union sponsored men's and women's tennis as an intercollegiate sport, but the programs were dropped following the 1998-99 season. But thanks to a partnership between the city of Barbourville and Union, the school was able to receive funding to renovate its four existing tennis courts as well as build two more, giving the school six courts. 

With the construction of the new courts, the way was paved to re-establish tennis as a school-sponsored sport... Read More

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