Union College Athletic Staff
Tim Curry ImageTim CurryDirector of Athletics[email protected]606.546.1682
Lana Faulkner ImageLana FaulknerAdministrative Assistant[email protected]606.546.1236
Jon North ImageJon NorthDirector of Sports Broadcasting[email protected]606.546.1546
Jordan Childress ImageJordan ChildressAsst. Dir. of Sports Communications[email protected]606.546.1245
Brendan Gregory ImageBrendan GregoryDirector of Strength & Conditioning[email protected]606.546.1788
Larry InksterDirector of Compliance/FAR[email protected]606.546.1234
Sam Lee ImageSam LeeDir. of Ath. Enrollment & Retention[email protected]606.546.1612
Tyler Wright ImageTyler WrightAthletics Admissions Counselor[email protected]606.546.1793
Athletic Trainers'
Clay Butler ImageClay ButlerDirector of Sports Medicine[email protected]606.546.1303
Dan Nowak ImageDan NowakAssistant Athletic Trainer[email protected]606.546.1724
A.J. Gambrel ImageA.J. GambrelAssistant Athletic Trainer[email protected]606.546.1789
Jacob Janutolo ImageJacob JanutoloGraduate Assistant[email protected]606.546.1697
Jeree Boles ImageJeree BolesGraduate Assistant[email protected]606.546.1696
Men's & Women's Archery
Cody Kirby ImageCody KirbyHead Coach[email protected]606.546.1631
Bart Osborne ImageBart OsborneHead Coach[email protected]606.546.1355
JT Thompson ImageJT ThompsonAssistant Coach[email protected]606.546.1547
Jonathan Riddle ImageJonathan RiddleAssistant Coach[email protected]TBD
Men's Basketball
Kevin Burton ImageKevin BurtonHead Coach[email protected]606.546.1705
Women's Basketball
Tim Curry ImageTim CurryHead Coach[email protected]606.546.1682
Erin Hunnicutt ImageErin HunnicuttAssistant Coach[email protected]606.546.1668
Bryce Seals ImageBryce SealsHead Coach[email protected]606.546.1637
Men's & Women's Cross Country
Joel Childs ImageJoel ChildsHead Coach[email protected]606.546.1725
Chad Gwinn ImageChad GwinnAssistant Coach[email protected]606.546.1671
Sean Trinque ImageSean TrinqueHead Coach[email protected]606.546.1694
Zak Willis ImageZak WillisHead Coach[email protected]606.546.1707
John Gray ImageJohn GrayAssistant Coach[email protected]606.546.1326
Andre Linn ImageAndre LinnAssistant Coach[email protected]606.546.1317
Marco Knorr ImageMarco KnorrAssistant Coach[email protected]606.546.1316
C.J. Hunnicutt ImageC.J. HunnicuttAssistant Coach[email protected]606.546.1646
Tommy Sasser ImageTommy SasserAssistant Coach[email protected]606.546.1647
Men's & Women's Golf
Tony Carruba ImageTony CarrubaHead Coach[email protected]606.546.1237
Wayne King ImageWayne KingAssistant Coach[email protected]
Women's Golf
Wayne King ImageWayne KingAssistant Coach[email protected]
Men's Soccer
Tyler Brock ImageTyler BrockHead Coach[email protected]606.546.1307
Jonathan Shaw ImageJonathan ShawAssistant Coach[email protected]606.546.1708
Jonathan Watson ImageJonathan WatsonAssistant Coach[email protected]
Women's Soccer
Camila Mendes ImageCamila MendesHead Coach[email protected]606.546.1794
Kennard Brown ImageKennard BrownAssistant Coach[email protected]
Hannah Griffin ImageHannah GriffinHead Coach[email protected]606.546.1366
Jennifer Lillard ImageJennifer LillardAssistant Coach[email protected]606.546.1365
Men's & Women's Swimming & Diving
Rafael Forti ImageRafael FortiHead Coach[email protected]606.546.1586
Men's & Women's Tennis
Roscoe Moonieyan ImageRoscoe MoonieyanHead Coach[email protected]606.546.1776
Neesha Thirumalaichelvam ImageNeesha ThirumalaichelvamAssistant Coach[email protected]606.546.1776
Men's & Women's Track & Field
Joel Childs ImageJoel ChildsHead Coach[email protected]606.546.1725
Chad Gwinn ImageChad GwinnAssistant Coach[email protected]606.546.1671
Dan Malloy ImageDan MalloyAssistant Coach
Women's Track & Field
Dan MalloyAssistant Coach
Jeremy Wise ImageJeremy WiseHead Coach[email protected]606.546.1549
Brian Jones ImageBrian JonesAssistant Coach[email protected]606-546-1529