Season Summary

Union College Basketball - Season Summary

DateOverallConfSiteScoreOpponentHigh PointHigh Rebounder
11/04/2008 0- 1AL 79-88St. Catharine College22-B Smith9-B Smith
11/07/2008 1- 1HW 98-57Midway College19-S Todd5-B Smith
11/08/2008 2- 1HW 79-64Ohio Dominican University15-J Baker13-A Lunsford
11/14/2008 3- 1AW 81-77Bethel (Ind.) College19-B Smith9-B Smith
11/15/2008 4- 1NW 91-61Goshen College24-B Smith7-B Smith
11/19/2008 4- 2 0- 1AL 76-77UVa-Wise30-B Smith9-A Campassi
11/22/2008 4- 3 0- 2AL 65-78Bryan College10-A Lunsford, C Thomas8-A Lunsford
11/25/2008 5- 3AW 80-75Midway College26-B Smith9-A Lunsford
11/29/2008 6- 3AW 80-70 OTPikeville College17-A Lunsford9-B Smith
12/03/2008 7- 3 1- 2HW 82-77Milligan College23-K Pile7-B Smith, A Lunsford
12/06/2008 8- 3 2- 2AW 74-65Virginia Intermont23-B Smith11-B Smith
12/10/2008 9- 3HW 81-46St. Catharine College19-B Smith14-A Lunsford
12/13/2008 9- 4AL 68-80Campbellsville University26-B Smith7-B Smith
12/29/2008 9- 5NL 70-75University of Rio Grande25-B Smith6-B Smith, A Lunsford
12/30/2008 9- 6AL 55-79Shawnee State University11-A Lunsford5-B Smith
01/03/200910- 6HW 92-71Pikeville College26-B Smith12-A Lunsford
01/07/200911- 6 3- 2HW 77-70Bluefield College24-B Smith14-B Smith
01/10/200911- 7 3- 3HL 74-80Tennessee Wesleyan College27-B Smith11-A Lunsford
01/14/200912- 7 4- 3AW 66-57Covenant College15-K Pile, C Blankenship11-B Smith
01/17/200913- 7 5- 3HW 60-49Montreat College20-B Smith8-B Smith
01/21/200914- 7 6- 3AW 57-47King College14-S Todd6-C Blankenship, C Thomas
01/24/200915- 7 7- 3HW 91-55UVa-Wise21-B Smith8-B Smith, A Lunsford
01/28/200916- 7 8- 3HW 85-79Bryan College37-B Smith8-A Lunsford
01/31/200916- 8 8- 4AL 43-78Milligan College16-B Smith7-B Smith
02/04/200917- 8 9- 4HW 91-71Virginia Intermont32-B Smith13-B Smith
02/07/200918- 810- 4AW 75-65Bluefield College18-B Smith11-B Smith
02/11/200919- 811- 4AW 70-63Tennessee Wesleyan College28-B Smith12-A Lunsford
02/14/200919- 911- 5HL 80-87Covenant College26-B Smith11-C Thomas
02/18/200920- 912- 5AW 79-76Montreat College43-B Smith10-B Smith
02/21/200920-1012- 6HL 66-73King College30-B Smith9-B Smith
02/26/200920-11NL 69-75Covenant College13-B Smith12-B Smith

Team Statistics Summary
St. Catharine College26/619/2918/327918193724637180
Midway College33/6812/3520/30981520351823232260
Ohio Dominican University26/5611/2416/2479102838221918670
Bethel (Ind.) College30/6713/378/1681142236291721390
Goshen College32/6915/3312/169182735202212390
Bryan College19/648/2819/296511243523982110
Midway College28/606/1518/2680622282612254140
Pikeville College23/6513/2621/35801531462114200160
Milligan College29/618/2616/1982112536171814570
Virginia Intermont Virginia Intermont26/589/2613/21741331441814192110
St. Catharine College29/6811/3312/19811431451319164110
Campbellsville University25/516/1712/22689213019417140
University of Rio Grande28/5712/222/87072229261527390
Shawnee State University16/566/1817/245515193414624350
Pikeville College29/6213/2721/23921226381722242110
Bluefield College27/6110/2613/2277143044122228450
Tennessee Wesleyan College27/5913/277/1274162844152424540
Covenant College26/5811/313/666122739191821460
Montreat College20/5910/3110/16601619351519244160
King College19/487/1612/21578223016911560
Bryan College31/541/522/32851010201820123120
Milligan College14/615/2210/144311223321322040
Virginia Intermont34/737/2316/20911423372125162120
Bluefield College23/478/1621/297572128131521380
Tennessee Wesleyan College21/455/1423/277010273716621640
Covenant College26/649/2519/2580152742202018450
Montreat College28/597/1416/2179111728181920250
King College25/592/1914/176692534211719450
Covenant College25/734/2515/256919335219712040

Individual Season Highs
Most Pts:  43  B Smith vs. Montreat College
Most Fgm:  16  B Smith vs. Montreat College
Most Fga:  23  B Smith vs. Bryan College
Most 3pm:  Multiple Players
Most 3pa:  10  S Todd vs. Bethel (Ind.) College
Most Ftm:  12  B Smith vs. Virginia Intermont
Most Fta:  14  B Smith vs. Multiple Oppo.
Most Reb:  14  Multiple Players
Most Orb:  B Smith vs. Bluefield College
Most Drb:  11  A Lunsford vs. Multiple Oppo.
Most Ast:  10  C Blankenship vs. Goshen College
Most Stl:  J Baker vs. Midway College
Most Blk:  B Smith vs. Milligan College
Team Season Highs
Most Pts:  98  vs. Midway College
Most Fgm:  34  vs. UVa-Wise
Most Fga:  78  vs. UVa-Wise
Most 3pm:  15  vs. Goshen College
Most 3pa:  37  vs. Bethel (Ind.) College
Most Ftm:  23  vs. Tennessee Wesleyan College
Most Fta:  35  vs. Pikeville College
Most Reb:  45  vs. Covenant College
Most Orb:  19  vs. Covenant College
Most Drb:  33  vs. Covenant College
Most Ast:  25  vs. Virginia Intermont
Most Stl:  26  vs. Midway College
Most Blk:  vs. Ohio Dominican University

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